Eastern Shore Real Estate Market Stats

Eastern Shore Real Estate Market Stats

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that the real estate market is “hot” right now. But just how hot is it? And what does a “hot market” really mean? We’re sharing real estate market stats from four Eastern Shore counties that illustrate just how sizzling this market is.

These stats were compiled June 4, 2021 and show huge increases in the number of homes sold and in median sales prices. The stats also show that homes are selling FAST. All of this is being driven by a lack of inventory… So if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to sell your home, this is one of the best markets to do so. We’d be happy to help.

If you’re a buyer, don’t let these rip-roaring stats spook you. Conditions are very different than in 2008-2009 and most experts say we are NOT in a housing bubble. This article from Fortune does a good job of illustrating how this time really is different. Prices will likely stabilize in the future, but they’re unlikely to fall in any significant way. So this is as good a time as any to become a homeowner! We’re here to help if you’re ready to move forward.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these real estate market stats for Dorchester, Caroline, Talbot, and Wicomico Counties!

Dorchester County, MD Real Estate Market Stats

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Caroline County, MD Real Estate Market Stats

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Talbot County, MD Real Estate Market Stats

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Wicomico County, MD Real Estate Market Stats

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5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home This Winter

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home This Winter

You’ve done the repairs and slapped a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Now you’re twiddling your thumbs, waiting for spring. After all, you’ve heard time and time again that spring is the best time of year to sell your home… All those picturesque real estate photos of manicured lawns, brilliant blue skies, and colorful spring flowers seem to suggest there’s some truth to this idea! But do you really need to wait to list your home? The answer may surprise you!

In this blog post we explore the top 5 reasons Delmarva homeowners shouldn’t wait until spring to sell their homes. The most obvious, of course, is that we frequently enjoy mild winters here on the Eastern Shore (take this one, for instance!). While temperatures may dip a bit, you can still take care of most repairs and cosmetic improvements, even on the exterior of your home. And who isn’t itching for a few DIY projects during the long midwinter months anyway? (Okay, okay — we know not everyone likes to DIY; that’s what handymen are for!). Here are some other key reasons why you might consider listing sooner rather than later:

1. There is less competition to sell your home in the winter.

The simple law of supply and demand is key here. Since many sellers still adhere to the myth that spring is the optimal time to list, the winter months yield much less competition in the housing market. Simply put, buyers have fewer homes from which to choose. This means that your home is more likely to get noticed, AND you just might be able to sell it for more than you could in the spring.  

2. Winter home buyers are serious home buyers!

It’s true that the days are shorter, darker, and colder in the winter, and the thought of moving can be a daunting task for many during this time of year. The upside to this is that people who venture out to look at homes during the winter are generally more serious and are probably on a timeline. You’re less likely to get looky-loos and more likely to get real buyers who are motivated and — better yet — pre-approved for mortgages! Corporate relocations also tend to happen during the early months of January and February. Relocating families are often credited some moving expenses (woohoo!) and are usually anxious to get settled and get their kids enrolled in school as quickly as possible. This can be a huge advantage for sellers.

3. A quiet market means motivated Realtors & faster loan processing.

Because there are generally fewer homes on the market during the winter months, real estate agents are able to devote more attention to individual homes on their roster. Also, lenders and other real estate professionals are usually less busy. Buyers are able to get their financing and other documentation in order much more quickly, which means you’ll hit fewer snags during the closing process.  

4. Winter is the perfect time to show off your home’s “Coziness Factor”!

While it’s true that landscaping is less of a selling point during the winter months, you can easily up the ante inside your home. The key word you’re going for is cozy. If your home has a big beautiful fireplace, light it up and show it off! Stage your home with luxurious, snuggly throws, homey scents, and warm lighting. Keep your heat at a comfortable 70° during showings and emphasize the most energy efficient aspects of your home – a new furnace, new windows, insulation, sunlights, natural lighting — anything that can up the coziness factor (and cut down on your buyer’s potential heating costs!). If it’s dark outside, be sure to keep your house well lit, both inside and out. A warm, cozy home in winter is a sold home!  

5. Homes listed in winter sell faster and for more money! 

Contrary to popular belief, US home sale data in both cold and warm climates in recent years suggests that homes listed in the winter actually sold faster (by an average of one week) and for more money (by roughly 1% of the purchase price). When you couple this with the benefit of having less foot traffic in your home, the avoidance of whatever costs are associated with property maintenance over a longer period of time, and the convenience of a faster, less complicated closing process, the verdict on winter selling seems like a no-brainer! 

Now is the time to sell your home!

What does all of this mean for you? If you’re considering listing your home in the coming months, it may be advantageous to do so sooner rather than later. It’s important to remember that the vast majority of buyers looking for homes are doing most of their searching online, and the internet knows no seasons. The right buyer may be searching for your home right now! Contact us today so we can help you get started. 

10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Curb appeal (or lack thereof!) is the first impression your home makes.

There’s no denying the power of curb appeal for a home. Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or just want it to look good for passerbys, the exterior of your house can make a big difference. This spring, consider these 10 ways to add curbside appeal to your home to increase its value and offer the best return on investment.

1. Dress up the front door

The front door is important because it’s a place most guests will see each time they come to your house. Adding new paint, hardware, a doorbell, or a seasonal door mat can make the entrance more welcoming and inviting. Bright, bold door colors are what gets many homes noticed as people pass by.
bold front door

2. Add house numbers

If your house numbers aren’t easy to see or if they’re dirty and dingy, replacing them creates tremendous impact; especially when looking to sell your house. You want to make it as easy as possible for buyers to find your house after they see it listed online. Alternatively, you want your listing to be easy to find online if someone first sees your home while driving by.
distinct house numbers

3. Freshen up your landscaping

Keeping the grass freshly cut, the bushes trimmed, and flower beds under control suggests a lot about how the inside of the house is maintained as well. We recommend bushes and small trees that are easy to maintain, mulch or stones that match the color theme of the exterior of your house, and flowers that add a pop of color. It’s also suggested to have some sort of symmetry with your landscaping, whether it’s an even number of bushes on each side of the steps if they’re in the middle of the house, or alternating bush – flower- bush – flower.

4. Update exterior lighting

Having a well-lit house helps it stand out at night to buyer. It also makes your home more inviting to guests – and less inviting to burglars! Placing small, in-ground lights along the sidewalk or at the steps can make it easier for guests to walk from their car to the front door. Keeping lights on by the front door or on the porch shows guests that you’re (most likely) home or expecting company. Spotlights on the front or sides of a house can also show off its exterior and attract a buyers’ eyes as they’re driving by at night.
exterior home lighting

5. Repair the driveway and sidewalk

The driveway and sidewalk will be the first encounter most guests and buyers have with your home. Make sure there are no weeds growing up in the stones, cracks in the driveway, or dirt on the concrete. It’s not very difficult to buy some spray for the weeds and pressure wash the mold and grime off the sidewalk. It does make a difference!
cracked sidewalk nice sidewalk and driveway

6. Dress up your garage door

Garage doors can be expensive to replace, but luckily there are easy and inexpensive tricks to make them look brand new again! If pressure washing them clean doesn’t work, you can always paint them, add new hardware, or paint black faux-windows on the top. It’s amazing what a difference these simple changes can make!
garage door makeover

7. Upgrade your mailbox

Pick a mailbox that mirrors your home’s trimmings. Dress up mail boxes for curb appeal by painting the wooden post to match the house’s exterior color, or by surrounding it with a beautiful flowering garden. There are very unique mailboxes that can grab attention, but if you want to sell your home, it’s best to go with one that is more standard and that matches others in the neighborhood. Most importantly, make sure your mailbox is standing straight and not damaged!

8. Freshen up siding, shutters, and trim

Siding gets dirty and damaged over the years, no doubt. But sometimes a good scrub or light pressure wash can make a world of difference! When it doesn’t, paint touch-ups can help. Be sure to do the same with your trim and window shutters. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to window shutters too! A bright, cheerful color can make your home really stand out and feel welcoming.
pressure wash siding

9. Maintain gutters and downspouts

It’s amazing how many leaves, branches and other debris can get stuck up in the rain gutters. Make sure yours are clean and clear to support rain flow and to look tidy. If you have damaged gutters or downspouts, they’re a cheap replacement that can make your house look sharp. This important not just for great curb appeal, but it an also help your home pass an inspection!
dirty gutters

10. Make sure your roof is in good condition 

Last but certainly not least, the roof… It’s very common for shingles to fall off or roofs to get dirty with streaks. A good cleaning and shingle patching can give your home a fresh look. If your roof needs to be replaced, it’s important to face that reality. If necessary, it’s best to replace the roof before listing your house for sale. That way, your roof and home will look great, and you’ll avoid a major red flag in an inspection. If you can’t replace the roof, be prepared to reflect that in your price or to come down during negotiations.
roof cleaning

There’s no better time than spring to make these quick fixes to your house to add curb appeal! If you’ve implemented these updates and are ready to list your house, or if you’re looking to purchase a home that has stunning curbside appeal, contact us today! It’s always a good idea to talk things through with a professional, and we’d love to help!
curbside appeal

DIY Home Repairs: Our Favorite Articles, Videos & Resources

DIY Home Repairs: Our Favorite Articles, Videos & Resources

Repairs and maintenance are a reality of home ownership. There are some jobs that are definitely best left to the professionals, but there are many repairs you can do yourself. Mastering a few simple DIY home repair techniques will save you a lot of money in the long run. Here, we share a few of our favorite tips and resources for DIY home repair.

Kitchen Home Improvement & Repairs

DIY Kitchen Repairs | Powell Realtors (showing a bright, modern white kitchen)

How to Fix a Clogged Sink

It is quite common for food to get clogged in the sink. To clear the path, you can take a plunger to try and suction the particles out of the drain. If pesky particles are remaining, make a baking soda and vinegar mix to unclog the sink.

How to Fix Burns on Laminate Countertops

Hot pans can do serious damage to laminate countertops. Large burns will call for a replacement, but minor burns are a simple fix. First, start by scrubbing the area with steel wool or a rough material like sandpaper, then create a homemade abrasive cleaner (baking soda and water) to remove all excess material.

Check out other great kitchen repair tips at the DIY Network blog!

Bathroom Repairs & DIY Renos

DIY Bathroom Repairs | Powell Realtors (showing a tiled bathroom with soaker tub)

Planning & Managing Bathroom Renovations

Whether your vision for your bathroom involves tile, vinyl, wallpaper, or paint, this book will ensure you are repairing and remodeling your bathroom like the professionals. It also includes steps for planning out your project and finding fixtures that fit! This is a great beginner’s guide to bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Remodeling for Dummies

How to Fix a Broken Faucet

Make sure when fixing a broken faucet, you have a replacement at the ready! Also, ensure your water is turned off and you put a stopper over the drain to keep any pieces from falling into the pipes. These are the basic things you need to do to prep your bathroom for a faucet repair or replacement. Check out these handy videos on how to actually tackle the job!

Repairing a Leaky Faucet

How to Replace a Bathroom Sink Faucet

Keeping Every Room Beautiful

DIY Home Repairs | Powell Realtors (showing a high-end bedroom with vaulted ceilings)

How to Paint Like a Pro

Nothing makes your home feel cleaner than a fresh coat of paint! It’s incredible what a difference a fresh paint job can make. It’s one of the easiest, most affordable, and most dramatic home improvements you can make. Check out this article about how to paint a room like a pro!

Top 10 Ways to Paint Like a Pro

How to Change Out Lights Fixtures

Light fixtures are like jewelry for your house! Updating ceiling fixtures can make a HUGE difference in your home. Light fixtures may seem difficult to replace, but this video will teach you how to do it step-by-step. It’s much easier than you’d expect!

How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture

How to Replace Doorknobs & Cabinet Hardware

Okay, doorknobs and hardware are ALSO the jewelry for your home! This is another simple change that can make an amazing difference. Few things can cause a home to look as dated as doorknobs and hardware. To change out cabinet hardware, just unscrew from the back side of the cabinet door, pop in the new one, and tighten. Replacing a doorknob is almost as easy!

How to Replace a Door Knob

Bonus tip: If your cabinet hardware is a dated color or finish, you can give it a SUPER affordable update with spray paint! Just remove the hardware and give it 2 – 3 coats. Let everything dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

DIY Outdoor Spaces

DIY Exterior Home Repairs | Powell Realtors (showing a backyard patio with plants)

How to Repair Chipped Outdoor Paint

When your exterior color begins to crack, it’s not just unsightly; it’s a sign that your interior and exterior walls may be compromised. Any exposed wood can start to rot and decay, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture and pests. Pressure washing your house will get rid of chipped paint and will allow you to create a new coat to avoid the wood becoming molded. Check out this link for other important exterior maintenance tips!

6 Must-Do Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Weeding Out the Weeds

Getting rid of weeds is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to improve your curb appeal. The best solution is to pull weeds out by the roots to make sure they don’t continue to grow. Pre-emergent herbicides can help prevent weeds from sprouting without doing damage to your lawn. Specific tools are more manageable for different types of weeds because of the way the root structures grow. Check out this article about determining which device works best for your needs.

Tips & Tricks for Eliminating Lawn Weeds

6 Cases When you Should Hire a Professional

When to Call in the Professionals for Home Repair | Powell Realtors (showing a man with drill and lumber)

Photo source: https://www.bidvine.com/

Installing Crown Molding

This may seem like an easy DIY, but you should leave this to the experts. There are dozens of different angles you’ll have to consider and your math has to be exact. Save yourself a LOT of frustration and call in a pro!

Replacing Windows with French Doors

This job requires a lot of specialized materials and tools. You also have to consider how to keep the wall structurally sound during the replacement. Finally, you may have electrical wires that need to be rerouted to accommodate the new doors. Because of this, this project is best left to the experts.

Removing a Load-Bearing Wall

Knocking down walls should be left to the pros. Structural changes in your home require tons of planning. A licensed contractor is familiar with this procedure and will get the job done right.

Replacing an Old Driveway

There is a lot to consider when replacing an old driveway. This is hard work that requires specialized equipment. A small miscalculation may be costly, so play it safe and hire a professional.

Building a Pergola

Building a pergola involves site planning and understanding local code requirements. It also involves digging and setting concrete footers, which is no easy task for most homeowners.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Every home is unique, and no one game plan for waterproofing your basement that will work in every house. There are different approaches that professionals will recommend based on your home’s unique challenges.

We hope these resources are helpful to you! If you’re ready to tackle home ownership and all it entails, give us a call or send us a message. We’d love to help!


Do’s & Don’ts of Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

Do’s & Don’ts of Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but ‘tis not the season for peak real estate sales. It’s such a busy season that it’s no surprise activity drops off over Christmas and New Year’s. However, there are some buyers who take advantage of the downtime from work to go house hunting, so it’s important to be prepared. While there may be fewer buyers, the ones who are out there are usually pretty motivated!

So what do you do if your home is still on the market over the holidays? Don’t worry! You can still decorate for the holidays and enjoy family traditions, all while having your home show-ready for buyers. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can use the season to your advantage and make your home a true standout on the market. The key is to decorate in a way that emphasizes your home’s best features. This may mean scaling back or changing your usual holiday décor. Read on for the do’s and don’ts of selling your home over the holidays!

DON’T Overdo It

Less is More when it comes to holiday decorating if you're trying to sell your house. Advice from Powell Realtors, Eastern Shore real estate experts!

Before you pull out your bins full of holiday cheer, remember to declutter and clean your living space. You don’t want to overcrowd buyers’ senses as they walk from room to room. For every holiday decoration you add, remove another item to storage. Less is more!

Too many decorations can distract buyers and take away from your home’s best features. Think strategically about every decoration you place in your home. Don’t block a beautiful view by putting stick-on snowflake decals on your windows. Do draw attention to an elegant fireplace with tasteful garland, but don’t overdo it with too many knickknacks or personalized stockings.  Emphasize your home’s architecture by hanging mistletoe in an arched doorway or wrapping garland around the staircase. Place a bowl of pinecones on a table, and hang an evergreen wreath on the front door. These are examples of neutral decorations that accentuate everyday features of the house.

The less-is-more mantra of home staging may tempt you to forgo holiday cheer altogether this year. But a few subtle, tasteful touches can create a warm and festive feeling that really appeals to buyers!

DO Put Up a Christmas Tree – but proceed with caution!

Make sure your Christmas tree is in proportion to your furniture if you're selling your home over the holidays | Advice from Powell Realtors | Eastern Shore Real Estate

Even when buyers are house hunting in July, they often try to envision where a Christmas tree can be placed in the home. So this is a great opportunity to show them!

But before you put up a tree, there are some important things to consider. First and foremost, you want to keep proper proportions among the furniture and accessories in your house. If the Christmas tree overpowers the room and forces the furniture to be squeezed together, the look is unappealing and the room will feel smaller. Go ahead and remove extra furniture if necessary. You can also consider getting a skinnier tree than usual to avoid overcrowding the room.

If you have tall ceilings, show them off with a tall Christmas tree. If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple large rooms, you may consider adding additional trees throughout the house. As long as the proportions are right, having multiple trees can draw attention to how large and spacious your home is.

Keep your Christmas tree ornaments simple and tasteful if you're trying to sell your home over the holidays | Powell Realtors Blog | Eastern Shore Real Estate

Regardless of the size of your tree, tasteful ornaments and trimmings are essential. If you have funny or over-the-top family ornaments, it’s a good idea to leave them boxed away this year. Instead, go with a cohesive color scheme for your ornaments, accented with white lights. This is certainly a less personal approach, but that’s a good thing… You want to present a neutral backdrop that lets buyers imagine their own tree and decorations in the home.

DON’T Go Overboard with Exterior Lights & Decorations

Outdoor decorations should be simple and neutral if you're trying to sell your home over the holidays | Powell Realtors Blog | Eastern Shore Real Estate

When it comes to decorating the exterior of your home, steer clear of inflatable snowmen on the lawn or a Santa on the chimney. One person’s “merry” is another person’s “too much!” Make sure to stick with classic light displays while your home is on the market. Use simple, white string lighting to play up your home’s architecture and landscape. If a Realtor wants to show the house in the evening, outdoor lights can be appealing and bring a feeling of holiday cheer.

DO Delight the Senses

Christmas Cookies - Stimulate the Senses when selling your home over the holidays | Powell Realtors | Eastern Shore Real Estate Blog

The smell of simmering cider or baked cookies will delight the senses. Even if you decide not to decorate, introducing seasonal scents can make buyers feel right at home. When you know a real estate agent is bringing clients to look at the house, leave a plate of holiday treats on the counter. A roaring fireplace is also a cozy way to celebrate the winter, warm visitors, and show off one of your home’s best assets.

When it comes to candles and other home-scent products, opt for scents that are very subtle. Scents of pine and balsam are pleasant during the holidays, as long as they aren’t overpowering. Be wary of other popular seasonal scents; you never know who will have an aversion to heavy cinnamon or vanilla!


In the end, the most important holiday decision you’ll make is whether to keep your home on the market during the holidays. You may have fewer house hunters, but more motivated buyers. And remember, very few home buyers are turned off by holiday decorations – unless they’re truly over-the-top! Your holiday decorations may not match buyers’ tastes, but it’s kind of like paint colors… They can certainly help if they look good, but they’re rarely deal breakers. So go ahead and embrace the season! When buyers see your home full of holiday cheer, they’ll envision their own family sharing special holiday moments in the house. A festive home is a great selling point that can certainly be used to your advantage!

Don’t want to wait to get your home on the market? We’d love to help! Contact us and one of our expert Realtors will be in touch!

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in Fall & Winter

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in Fall & Winter

It’s no surprise that the housing market spikes during the spring and summer months. Kids are out of school, things slow down at work, and people are anxious to get into a new house before schedules become hectic again. But it is definitely possible to sell your home in the fall and winter, especially on the Eastern Shore. There may be fewer buyers, but there are also fewer listings. This means you have a lot less competition, so it’s easier for your home to stand out as a great choice.

Fall and winter bring colorful foliage, warm scents, and an abundance of decorating ideas. You can leverage these advantages to make your home feel bright and welcoming. Read on for our tips and advice on how to sell your home in the fall or winter!


#1: Prepare your home for cold weather

When buyers are house hunting during the fall or winter, they pay a lot more attention to your HVAC system and overall home insulation.  Have your heat pump, furnace, or boiler serviced prior to putting your house on the market. Change your air filters and check all weather stripping on doors and windows. If you have a fireplace, show it off! Have it on when buyers arrive so they can appreciate the advantage of having an additional heating source.

It’s a good idea to have a file buyers can look through with maintenance records and receipts for products you’ve purchased to winterize your home. This will highlight that your home is ready for the upcoming months, and it gives buyers confidence that they’ll stay warm through the winter and cool through the summer.

#2: Clean, clean, and clean some more

This rule applies no matter the season! It is so important to make a positive first impression with a clean, tidy house. And it’s especially important in the winter.

In colder months, potential buyers will pay more attention to your interior space. They’ll probably take only a quick look around your yard, but they’ll spend lots of time inside. That means buyers will notice every little detail. Clean your house, and clean it well! Scrub both outside and inside cabinets, dust ceiling fans and scrub the tiled shower. Declutter all spaces, organize the closet and the garage – nothing should go unnoticed.  This is your chance to show of your space!

Don’t forget to maintain your exterior space as well. Leaf and snow-covered sidewalks can make a perfectly nice home look sloppy and poorly maintained. Rake up those dead leaves or shovel the sidewalk and deck after it snows. This demonstrates that even in inclement weather, their future lawn can be easily managed and maintained.

#3: Appeal to the senses

The fall and winter months are associated with the scent of pumpkin spice, peppermint hot chocolate, cookies, and yummy homemade pie. These are the scents of comfort and home, so use them to your advantage! You can also use holiday decorations to play up the warm, welcoming feel of your home.

If hosting an open house, bake fresh muffins and have holiday music playing softly in the background to set a warm and welcoming mood. Try displaying vases of fall foliage, or add a bowl of seasonal fruit to the kitchen table. Don’t overdo it though; you want to enhance your home’s appeal, but not obscure it. A tasteful display will show off your home in its best light. A cozy atmosphere will give potential homebuyers a warm feeling.

One note of caution, though… When you take photos for your online listing, it’s best to stay neutral with your décor. Avoid seasonal or holiday décor in your listing photos. That way, if your house is on the market for a few months, your photos won’t look out-of-date.

#4: Show buyers what your home looks like in the spring and summer

In the dead of winter, you won’t be able to show off your wonderful garden or flower beds. So it’s a good idea to display photos of your house that were taken in spring and summer. Show off your yard when the grass was green and the peonies were blooming by the pool. Highlight garden beds and decorative patio furniture. This will allow future buyers to envision themselves enjoying the home year-round.

#5: Be strategic with your listing price

During the fall and winter months, it’s particularly important to avoid setting your listing price too high. You have an advantage listing during these cooler months due to less competition. However, overpricing your home will still scare away potential buyers. It’s always a good idea to ask a local real estate professional for comps in order to pick a reasonable price range. Comps will allow you to compare similar homes in your neighborhood, including the prices of homes that are currently on the market and those that recently sold.  You don’t want to get your heart set on a certain price if most buyers in your area are negotiating and buying homes at prices significantly lower than yours. With these details, your agent can help you select an appropriate asking priced based on the current market trends.

Using these tips and tricks will help your home stand out, and you’ll find a homebuyer and seal the deal before spring arrives!

Are you ready to list your home this fall? Contact us and we’ll match you with the right Realtor to get your home listed and sold!